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  By eliminating the need for complicated web/Windows database programming, the converter allows you to use Access to develop database applications and transform your Access forms & reports into manageable web-enabled or desktop forms and Crystal Reports. Your company may still use Microsoft® Access, one of the simplest and most flexible DBMS solution on the market today, and simultaneously take advantage of Microsoft's electrifying .NET technologies and advanced web reporting capabilities from SAP®.  


The .NET framework provides an expanded library of classes that previously required significant development time. Additionally, the framework has integrated support for XML documents and services. The web-enabled Crystal Reports distribution allows organizations to use the web's accessible, low-cost architecture and to share the data within their enterprise.  Our converter certainly will make .NET programming and Crystal Reports design much easier. It will minimize your organization the .NET and Crystal Reports training costs and reduce the development time.


The converted web/Windows forms are written in Visual C# .NET, Visual J# .NET or Visual Basic .NET with ADO .NET technologies. Our new converter will dramatically reduce costs on many of your web/Windows database development and conversion projects. 


    Access Whiz Options: 


 A- Access to VB .NET (Web Application) : ANETVB

 B- Access to VB .NET (Windows Application) : ANETVB85

 C- Access to VB6 (Windows Application) : AccessToVB6

 D- Access to C# (Web Application)  ANETVC

 E- Access to Crystal Reports 8 or later: AccessToCR

 F- Access Form Controls to VB .NET : ANETVBF

 G- Access Form Controls to C# .NET : ANETVCF

 H- Access to C# (Windows Application)  : ANETVC85




The generated forms from our straightforward and uncomplicated software will allow database users to access their data and reports through their very own web-browsers and/or desktop applications.


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